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Samantong Engineering has done outstanding workmanship and welding quality that important for fabricating Distillation column. Moreover, we still keep the roundness of shell column & tray and it’s very important to provide an appropriate tolerance for all works.

Heat Exchanger and Heater

Samantong Engineering has fabricated different types of Heat Exchanger: Fixed tube sheet, Floating head. U-tube bundle, outside packed head exchanger, and so on. Tube sheets are the most significant part that we have to be accurately drilled to control the tolerance and level. In addition, our works are related to TEMA standard, so this made our customer accepted and satisfied of our job.


Samantong Engineering are expert in piping installation in a variety of industries, such as: process and utilities piping in chemical plant, oil refinery and etc. which we are strictly to control the quality of our work.

Steel Fabrication

Our company has accumulated an experience in steel fabrication of various types of equipment, such as Tank, vessel, bag filter, different conveyors, steel formwork, steel structure and so on which we  fabricated according to a choice of customers requirement.

Storage Tank & Silo

The company has fabricated a variety of stainless steel silos for Mild steel and stainless steel storage tanks for Chemical and oil refinery industry. Our works were designed and executed in agreement with API standard.

Pressure Vessel

The record has proven that Samantong Engineering has produced various pressure vessels which standard design and fabrication are strictly to ASEM specification.


Samantong Engineering has extensive knowledge in equipment installation for various industries and the company has demonstrated confirmation in term of time schedule and safety, which were accepted and satisfied by our customers.